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Empowering our customers, health professionals, associates and consumers with the power of nutritional and herbal medicines

empowering growth in the health industry

meet the ariya family

Proudly owned and operated by three sisters, our company has grown over the years from a small home-run business to a national distributer of healthcare and herbal products.

Our aim was to bring the compassion and care back into the industry, focusing on excellence in service and building relationships with our clients. Through this foundation of support and mutual respect, our clients and team have become part of our Ariya Family.

Since changing hands from FNQ Nutritionals to Ariya Health in 2009, we have expanded our business nationally, providing a comprehensive and well-researched range of products and tools for nutritionally motivated practitioners throughout Australia. We work hard to offer unbiased support to clinical practitioners, understanding they can rely on us for honest excipient information, product suggestions, discuss clinical cases and laugh (or cry) about clinical practice.

Practitioner + Clinical Products

Working with over 50 brands, we are a National Wholesale Distributor of high-quality Practitioner + Clinical Only Products.

Education + Research

We work to empower and educate our customers, health professionals, associates and consumers with the power of nutritional and herbal medicines.

Networking + Mentoring

Support and learn from one another with our mentoring programs, seminars, and webinars for practitioners.

this is the ariya story

Once upon a time, there lived three beautiful sisters. These sisters loved each other very much and enjoyed nothing more than playing together under the shade of a wise, old camphor laurel tree. They used to tell each other their dreams and secrets, laughing together while making tiny crowns with clover flowers.

One day, the eldest sister had to move away to go to school. This would be the first time the three would be separated and it troubled them greatly. So, they made a pact with one another: that no matter what the distance between them might be and no matter what stage of life they might find themselves in, whenever one of the sisters needed something, they could call without hesitation. They promised that they would always be there for each other.

The years passed, and the three girls all moved away. One went to university in Townsville, while the other two moved to Brisbane for college. For many years the girls lived away from one another, but they always remembered the promise they made.

One day, a beautiful, perfect babe entered the world. As per their promise so many years earlier, the girls packed up their respective lives and moved to be with their sister in Townsville to support her as she entered the exciting new stage of motherhood.

The child grew and the three sisters lived peacefully. More children were born and their family grew. The sisters loved being mums, but there came a time when the sisters wondered how they could continue their lives as parents, while allowing their little family to prosper.

As fate would have it, Far North Queensland Nutritionals was in need of some new blood. So a deal was struck, and FNQN became a part of the family. At the beginning, this new addition only took up one room in their house. But like all children, it quickly grew to need two rooms, then three – and eventually an entire warehouse was purchased to house this newest member of the family.

They named her ARIYA, which is a word frequently used in Buddhism. When translated, ARIYA means ’noble’, ‘not ordinary’, ‘valuable’, ‘precious’, and ‘pure’ – a name so fitting, as it was everything they hoped and wished for their health business.

ARIYA grew out of a desire for three sisters to be together, fully realising their passion for the Natural Health Industry. Now, fifteen years and seven children later, here they are – loving each day of family life and enjoying every moment with ARIYA.

They invite you to become part of the ARIYA family!

quality and researched formulations

We believe knowledge is key, and therefore we only support brands and ranges that offer high-quality, well-researched products and offer honesty and transparency in their formulations. 

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